Roarich is a merchant of Ashgana's Exporters of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. To most crafters he is known as the man who handles wholesale jewels and jewellery business. He can be found on the Pearl Lane, just south of The Quicksand.


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Roarich: I have need of rubies. Rubies, you lackwit! Red as blood! Peridots!? No, I'll not settle for peridots! Green is as dead as your head is dense!
<sigh> Gods… My apologies, sir, placing order by linkpearl can be…stressful. I am Roarich. Roarich of Ashgana's Exporters, if it please you. If your business is not pressing, might it not wait until later?

(picking up leve materials)
Roarich: Good morning, adventurer. Handing in or picking up? One moment, please.
This is your pack of guild-approved materials. Sign here, please. Next!
(leve not ready yet)
Roarich: I cannot sign off on your contract until you complete the order. Next!

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