Ricard Highwind

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Ricard Highwind (リチャード・ハイウィンド [richard highwind] in Japanese) is the last of the Dragoons of Deist. Not much is known about him personally, except that he's a very brave and proud person, as is fitting the Dragoons.

Not to be confused with Richard Highwind, father of Kain Highwind from FF4.

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Early Years

Born in Deist, Ricard became one of their best Dragoons. It is unknown when this happened in his life. He was close friends with a fellow Dragoon called Filip, and harbored feelings for his wife Elina. However, this doesn't seem to have gotten in the way of their friendship.

When Palamecia declared war on Deist, Ricard went to Mysidia in search of Ultima, a sealed magic that could defeat the Emperor. However, on his way to the tower that harbored the magic, he got swallowed by Leviathan. He couldn't get out, and thus was stuck within.

Final Fantasy II


Ricard's saviors end up being Firion, Maria and Guy, who were on their way to the tower to break the seal on Ultima just like Ricard before, and got swallowed by Leviathan on the way. The three bring strange tidings from the outside world, telling him that Deist has been all but destroyed, and the Dragoons and their wyverns exist no more. Determined to make sense of the situation, Ricard asks for the help of the three youths when he hears they are capable fighters themselves.

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Ricard has had several appearances under the Lightning element in the FF-TCG.

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