Resviel R d'Oraguille

King Resviel R d'Oraguille (レスヴィエル・R・ドラギーユ [resviel r d'oraguille] in Japanese), the 8th king of San d'Oria, was also known as the Harvest King. Nothing much is known about him, although he was a peace-loving king that likely brought about his title. He had at least four sons, one of which was Acheufagais R d'Oraguille who became the next king.
While it's not commonly noted in English, the Harvest King was more properly named as Resviel II1, being the second king to bear the name.

After witnessing his son Acheufagais slay one of Resviel's other sons, he died in the year 558 CE. The year he gained the throne is unknown, although the death of the last known king Shalambille R d'Oraguille before him was in 538 CE2, so this could reasonably be concluded to be the year.

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