Rerenasu is a Lalafell fisherman who could be found at the Fisherman's Bottom in Limsa Lominsa of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Rerenasu is not involved in any quests.


Rerenasu: You want to stay afloat in this here city of bandits and brigands, best you learn to make an honest living. Every pirate dreams of plunder, but truth be told, there's not much to be had, what with the 'Cudas and their patrols. And even if you do lay claim to a ship's cargo, by the time your captain has taken his cut and the leavings have been divvied up however many umpteen ways amongst your shipmates, you'll be lucky to buy yourself a half-mug of salt ale and a couple of pieces of stale bread.
That's why I chose the life of a puller. I won't be living like a noble, but at least my belly'll be full…and my head still attached to my shoulders!

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