Reinholdt is a Hyur in Limsa Lominsa who was chosen to be Royal Seneschal for Little Ladies' Day 2012.


Reinholdt is not involved in any quests.


Reinholdt: Would ye believe it? I've been given the 'onor of servin' as royal seneschal to our Little Lady of the Town. Me!
A petty pirate, barely qualified to swab the poop deck, and 'ere I am, gettin' lucky an' becomin' a genuine, real-life sultan for the day. 'Course, me bein' me, I end up a servant to some lass I don't know instead of marchin' 'round at the head of an army…
But enough about me, eh? I've duties t'perform. So, 'ere we 'ave a fine collection of proper nice Little Ladies' Day trinkets. I reckon ye'll find somethin' t' ye likin'.


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Category: People

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