Refia (レフィア [refia] in Japanese) is one of the four Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III. Her real parents are unknown, but she was raised by blacksmith Takka of Kazus. Her age in the final game is unknown, but her age given in the unused text and her appearance in World Of Final Fantasy is 151. In the Japanese version, the personal pronoun she uses for herself is 私 [watashi]. She's generally caring, although occasionally being fiery. However, she is also stubborn and prone to telling off her teammates whenever they act poorly. This is more heavily seen in the unused text where she tries to keep both Luneth and Desch in line.
From the opening movie, it can be deduced that her 'intended' job is likely White Mage, although she is occasionally portrayed as other jobs such as a Monk or a Summoner instead.

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Early Years

Nothing is known about Refia's early life and biological parents. She was brought to the Floating Continent in an airship with Cid Haze and the three other future Warriors of Light. The airship they were on crashed with the upheaval that stopped the time in the lower world and covered it in darkness. From there, she was adopted by Takka of Kazus.

Sometime in her childhood Refia was apprenticed to her father to become a blacksmith. She didn't always agree with his strict methods and was constantly running away, thus hampering her own progress. All that is known of her abilities on that side is that she helped her father make parts of Cid's airship.

After the earthquake that released Djinn from his prison Refia was running away again, and didn't get hit with the curse that turned the rest of the residents of Kazus into ghosts. Realizing what had happened and that she couldn't forge the cure - a Mythril Ring - she made her way to Cid's airship, possibly with the intention of flying it to Castle Sasune where she knew she could find a mythril ring.

Final Fantasy III


It is on Cid's airship in the desert west of Kazus that Luneth and Arc find Refia. She tells them who she is, and about the possibility of finding a mythril ring in Castle Sasune. Feeling responsible for curing the people of Kazus of their curse, she joins Luneth and Arc on their quest for the ring.

In Castle Sasune when it becomes apparent that the ring is not to be found within the castle, a knight called Ingus joins her and the others. She considers this a good thing, as she doesn't seem to hold Luneth and Arc in very high regard.

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Refia's Freelancer outfit consists of a white dress with frilly sleeves, a blue vest with pockets with ring handles and a breastplate, black leggings and brown thigh-high boots.
A number of these elements are used for Refia's various job outfits. Additionally, Refia's hairstyle changes more drastically in certain job outfits compared to the male warriors, such as a ponytail in the Ninja job or pigtails in the Scholar job.
Brave Exvius features Refia in her Freelancer outfit, with 5-star rarity giving her a White Mage hood.


Refia has had two appearances under the Water element in the FF-TCG series. In addition, her picture has appeared on many job-type cards depicting the various jobs in FF3.

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