Raya-O-Senna is a Padjal in Final Fantasy XIV. Not much is known about her, but she is sister to Kan-E-Senna and A-Ruhn-Senna. She appears to be a young girl with fierce determination, no fear of admonishing those she thinks have done wrong, and much love for her older sister.
She can be found in a cave in the Emerald Moss area, in the south-western portion.


Final Fantasy XIV


Raya-O first appeared in the quest Disorganized Crime during the autumn of the game's first year (patch 1.19). She had heard of thieves taking items from the Lifemend Stump, a high crime and a sin as considered by the gridanians. She took it upon herself to find the ones guilty of this crime and allowed herself to be kidnapped by a band of thieves. It turned out that the band wasn't the ones responsible, and she beat them up for no reason. That is when an adventurer (the player character) comes to the scene. They use the power of the Echo on her and find out that some time ago, before Kan-E-Senna re-founded the Order of the Twin Adder, she and Kan-E happened on a scene of horrible crime, of elementals murdered by an unknown party. Raya-O admonishes the adventurer for viewing her past before teleporting on her way.

White Mage

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She has light red-brown hair with long bangs on both sides of her face, and a flower ornament on the left side of hear head almost covering that side's horn. She wears a off-white coat and a red knee-length dress with gray boots.


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(in version 1.x, in Emerald Moss)
Raya-O-Senna: When in the Twelveswood, one must ever be mindful of the elementals. They suffer none who disregard their laws.
I shall personally deal with those who defile the sanctity of the forest. That is, if the elementals haven't already seen to them. Theirs is a swift and brutal justice.


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