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Rainemard Mecru (ライニマード・メクリュ [rainemard mecru] in Japanese) is a Red Mage and the father of Curilla V Mecru in Final Fantasy XI. He hails from San d'Oria, although the details of his life are unknown. He's known to have liked 'Batallia tea', especially that made by his daughter. Consequently, his daughter was always very important to him. He died sometime after the Crystal War under suspicious circumstances. Some sources estimate this to have been between 870 and 878 CE (or 6-14 years ago).1
Rainemard is heavily involved in the Red Mage Artifact equipment quests along with his daughter.


Early Years

It is unknown in what year Rainemard was born, although he was already a man grown by the time of the Crystal War, with his daughter aged 5 at that point. He may or may not have been married (likely was), but there hasn't been any mention of a wife for him or a mother for Curilla.


At some point in his life Rainemard spent time in Tavnazia and another at La Vaule, although the duration and timing of these stays are unknown. In the Crystal War, he served time in the Temple Knights of San d'Oria as a red mage, although it is unknown if he was in the service before the war as well. The game has some evidence that he left the Knights at some point, although if he really did and what he did afterwards is unknown.

It appears that Rainemard had a bit of a reckless nature, and ended up sticking his neck into many dangerous things. One of these things he did not survive. He was killed in the Cathedral of San d'Oria, and it might have been because he knew too much2. Nevertheless, his body was packed in a small box and hidden away in Eldieme Necropolis. While his spirit lingered in the world, it was not due to anger but because he was worried about the future of his daughter.

Years after his death, after the year 884 CE, an adventurer started investigating his death due to rumors of a ghost in the Cathedral. While the original ghost turned out to be an evil spirit instead, Rainemard's spirit entered the Cathedral after prince Trion and Curilla lead a force of Temple Knights to take care of the spirit making havoc in there. It attempted fooling Curilla as well, but she proved to her father that she is capable of taking care of herself by not falling for the spirit's words, and Rainemard could finally rest in peace.

It's of some note that at least the boots and the hat the adventurer obtains in the duration of the Red Mage AF quests originally belonged to Rainemard.


Rainemard is a tall Elvaan with long silver hair and relatively dark skin. He wears the entirety of the Red Mage AF set whenever he's seen in the game, and wields a blue sword. There is nothing particularly noteworthy in his appearance besides these facts.


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