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Rain (レイン [rain] in Japanese) is the main character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He's a knight hailing from the kingdom of Grandshelt, and serves alongside his childhood friend Lasswell. He's a bit carefree and can't resist a woman's plea.
Rain is 18 years old. His mother is unknown, and his father is Raegen.

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Rain is a slender young man with ashen blond hair and bright blue eyes. He wears what is presumably Grandsheltian military regalia, a crisp short-sleeved black shirt under a black and dark green vest with golden decorations. His left shoulder pauldron is black, but the right is red to match his cape/coat. The hem of the coat has black and white stripes running the length of it.




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While FFBE is not a main game in the series, Rain's name follows the FF7+ tendency of having the main character's name be a natural phenomenon (Cloud, Lightning, Squall, Tidus(=Sun)).

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