Quon Yobatz

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Quon Yobatz (クオン・ヨバツ [quon yobatz] in Japanese) is an Agito cadet at Peristerium Suzaku in Final Fantasy Type-0. He's of class 3, and a very eccentric individual. He doesn't usually much deal with people and is much more comfortable with books. In fact, he doesn't have any friends at all. He's 18 years old and 188 cm tall.

His seiyuu is Ryoutarou Okiayu.



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Quon is a tall youth with long dark purple-gray colored hair, tied at the back with a ribbon. He's wearing a knee-length Agito cadet coat and his class's purple mantle, along with the straight white pants and the black shoes that are part of the uniform. Aside from the uniform, there's a dark blue sash around his waist (although tied carelessly not straight). The sash is tied at the back and the ends hang loose, long enough to reach down to his knees.


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Quon Yobatsu has several cards to himself in the FF-TCG card game, under the Lightning element.

tcg_5104.jpg tcg_10089.jpg
5-104C Quon 10-089U Quon

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