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Quina Quen (クイナ·クゥエン [quina quen] in Japanese) is a Qu from the Qu's Marsh close to Lindblum. He's on a journey to taste all the world's good food, and has been for an unknown time. He's apparently some 70-90 years old, and his master is called Quale. Quina's only known preference is for frogs.

The Qus don't appear to have a gender, and Quina is always referred to as 's/he' during the game. To simplify matters, in this page s/he is referred to with the pronoun 'he'.

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Early Years

To put it quite simply, nothing is known of Quina's life before the game. Even his age is unknown, official sources giving a range of full 20 years for him to have been born in - in years this falls somewhere between 1710 and 1730.

At an unknown time he was apprenticed to Quale, and at an unknown time he left Qu's Marsh to 'taste all the world's food'. All that's known is that in June 1799 Quina arrived in Alexandria, and half a year later became the palace cook in preparation for princess Garnet's 16th birthday.

Final Fantasy IX


During a specific game save it's possible to either bring or not bring Quina along according to the player's actions. The below description presumes that Quina is in the main party when he can be.

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Quina has appeared twice in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

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4-089U Quina 8-075R Quina

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