Queen of Arbor

Queen of Arbor (エルバの女王 [elva no jo-ou] or 'queen of elva' in Japanese) is the only ruler of the hidden land of Arbor in 4 Heroes of Light. It can be deduced that she is a powerful mage from the way some characters in the game treat her. She is a silver-haired Elf, and is said to be the most beautiful person in all of Arbor. Not much can be said about her personality based on her brief appearances, but it appears that she is a kind but firm ruler only wishing the best for her country. It's unknown how she became the Queen, or how old she actually is.

In the flashback period of the game the first we see of the Queen she has transformed Torte into a mouse for breaking the seal on the demon Belphegor. She is despairing (or perhaps resigned to her fate) of the Mt Gulg erupting and destroying parts of the Great Tree.
After the Warriors of Light manage to defeat Belphegor and return to ask for forgiveness on behalf of Torte, she agrees to transform him back into a human. She also asks Torte to hand over the ultimate spell of White Magic, Lux, to the Warriors. Afterwards, she offers Torte the chance to become her disciple in magic so he could become a real sage. He agrees, and is transformed back into a mouse so he could continue living in Arbor.

In the original timeline, the Warriors weren't there and the Guardian God of Arbor was corrupted by demons. While it isn't exactly clear what happened, a barrier was put into place to prevent humans from entering Arbor, and there's a distinct anti-human sentiment going on.
In this timeline, the Queen doesn't have much role other than for telling the Warrior Aire that she doesn't have the power to help her.

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