Q'kholbeh is a Miqo'te from Ul'dah who was chosen the Little Lady of the Town for Little Ladies' Day 2012.


Q'kholbeh is not involved in any quests.


Q'kholbeh: How, how I've longed to be the Little Lady of the Town! Every…single…year, since I was old enough to remember - and now, at last, my dream's come true.
…Eh? Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm still so overwhelmed, I keep forgetting my lines! <titter>
Anyway, uhm… Right. Welcome, weary traveler, to our fine neighborhood. I, the Little Lady of the Town, present you with this gift.
(haven't gotten yet)
Q'kholbeh: May the Navigator watch over you with every crossing of the sea.
(obtain a peach blossom)
(already have)
Q'kholbeh: Oh, hello again. I can only give out one gift per person, if that's what you're looking for. Sorry!

Category: People

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