Pukiki is a Lalafell who could be found in the tunnel north of the central square of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. She would hire adventurers on behalf of the Morningmist Farms to procure various necessary items.


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Pukiki: Sun's sweet smile and wind's cool breath,♪
Both of these I send thee,♪
To ripe thy fruit and spread thy seed,♪
And nourish those that tend thee.♪
Well, good even to you, friend. Do you not know that hymn of Nophica? It's an old favorite among farmers and harvesters.

(leve material pick-up)
Pukiki: Oh, is this about the request Morningmist Farms put in to the Adventurers' Guild?
And you've come all this way to help me. I'm so sorry to inconvenience you. Truly, I am. Would you mind taking these materials? If it's not too much trouble…
(leve not ready yet)
Pukiki: I should never have bothered you with this. I apologize. Most sincerely.
(handing in leve)
Pukiki: Oh! Thank you so very much! This is an outstanding job! But you must be eager to head off. So sorry to keep you. So terribly sorry…

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