Prishe (プリッシュ [prishe] in Japanese) is an Elvaan from Tavnazia in Final Fantasy XI. She's also called 'the Abhorrent One' (忌むべき子 [imubekiko] or 'abominable child' in Japanese) by the resident of her home city, who fear and shun her. There is one person who accepts her, and that is Ulmia, her friend. She's bashful and while she's largely cheerful, she does have pain and regrets hidden within her. She's also an immortal, has been for quite a few hundred years already, and likely due to that has the position of protector of Tavnazia. It is unknown what happened to her family, for she was raised by the cardinal of Tavnazia.
Her battle style is a mix between a Monk and a White Mage.

While Final Fantasy XI doesn't have voice acting, in Duodecim her seiyuu is Aya Hirano for the Japanese version, and is acted by Lucy Heartfilia in the English version. It bears noting that instead of regular pronouns, she uses 'ore' for herself in the Japanese version.

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Prishe has light purple hair and bright blue eyes, and her skin is tanned. She's short for an Elvaan, likely being stuck with her height and body shape of the time she became immortal - she can't have been very old then. In Final Fantasy XI she wears a tunica of light purple and gray, with the sleeves ornamented with gold thread. The sleeves and the hem of the tunica have a layer of creamy white lighter fabric beneath the upper layer, and it has a ruffled collar of the same white. On top of it she wears a dark gray short jacket with gold thread on the sleeves, tied together with a bright red ribbon. On top of it she habitually wears a blue-and-gold amulet.
Her pants are actually shorts-length tights, dark gray and having some kind of an intricate pattern on them. She also has knee-high dark gray socks, and thigh-high boots of light brown leather, their tops turned down. On her head she wears what appears to be a religious conal corona of some kind.

In Duodecim she has several other outfits to supplement the regular one. In EX Mode she adds a pair of Spharai to her outfit. Her alternate form has her in the same clothing as her regular outfit, but with the tunica's sleeves white instead of purple, her jacket white instead of gray and with a dark purple ribbon, and her boots of white and gray leather.


Her third form is simply her, wearing a Magna Top outfit.


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"You wouldn't believe the hell I've been through!"
-in the mission Distant Beliefs, Final Fantasy XI

"I'm the 'abhorrent one.' I thought if you talked to me you'd be punished by the goddess."
-in the mission An Eternal Melody, Final Fantasy XI



Prishe has appeared several times under the Earth element in the FF-TCG series.

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