Princess Hilda

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Princess Hilda (ヒルダ姫 (hilda hime) or 'princess Hilda' in Japanese) is the only child in her family. At least, if she ever had siblings, she doesn't anymore. Her family consists of her father King of Fynn and her betrothed Prince Scott.
Hilda is a natural leader, wishing only for the happiness and freedom of her people. However, sometimes staying behind can get the better of her and she takes part in the actual action, endangering her own life. She leads the resistance in Fynn with Scott.


Early Life

Not much is known about Princess Hilda's life before Palamecia's invasion. Her mother died early on, and her father started getting sick so she had to take the leadership position, both of her country and of the resistance. When Kashuan fell, she (and the country of Fynn) welcomed the country's two princes, Scott and his younger brother Gordon. It is unknown whether she was already betrothed to Prince Scott then, or if this happened later.

Final Fantasy II


When Palamecia attacks Fynn, the royal family and the resistance forces have to make a hasty retreat to to frontier town of Altair. In the battles following the attack, Scott gets lost. Nevertheless, she goes on and settles down with the resistance forces.
Her first appearance in the game is several days later, when she refuses Firion, Maria and Guy entry to the resistance, saying that they would just become a liability.

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Princess Hilda has appeared twice in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

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