Prince Scott

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Not much is known of Prince Scott (スコット王子 (scott ouji) or 'prince Scott' in Japanese) of Kashuan. He has a younger brother called Gordon, and is engaged to Princess Hilda of Fynn. He cares deeply of his loved ones and is always thinking what is best for them. He's also left-handed.


Early Years

Scott was born as the heir to his kingdom of Kashuan in more peaceful times. When Kashuan fell to the Empire of Palamecia he and Gordon fled to Fynn, where the royal family received them warmly. It is unknown whether his engagement to Princess Hilda happened before or after this, but in Fynn he joined the old King in organizing a resistance force against Palamecia.

It all fell apart when Palamecia attacked Fynn. During the following battles Scott was wounded, and lost contact with the fleeing resistance. A friendly barkeeper took him in to take care of his wounds, but they could not establish contact with the resistance soon enough.

Final Fantasy II

During the first stages of the game, Firion, Maria and Guy found Scott's resting place. After some initial confusion as to their intentions, Scott found out that they were willing to help the resistance, too. He gave his ring to the three to carry to his brother as a sign of meeting him, and of his death. Right after doing this, his strength gave way and he died.

Soul of Rebirth

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Prince Scott has appeared once in the FF-TCG series under the Fire element.

10-008U Scott

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