Prince Adrian

Prince Adrian is the prince of Alfheim, the kingdom of elves, gnomes and toads. He seems to live within the Yggdrasil with his family which consists of his father king Freyr and his mother queen Cilque.
Not much is known about prince Adrian. He cares about his father deeply and is at good terms with the guards within Yggdrasil.

When the Warriors of Darkness arrived in Yggdrasil, a holy ground forbidden to humans, Adrian pleaded with them to find out what's wrong with his father who had become cold and cruel of late. When the Warriors were about to be discovered by guards, he led the guards further into the Yggdrasil and away from the Warriors so they could reach the throne room. He was present when his father died after his battle with Asmodai who had been impersonating him.
After his father's funeral, Adrian took the Warriors nearby to Kurgis on gryphon-back so they could ask for help from the dwarves in their campaign against Avalon.

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