Player Character (FFEX)

The player character in Final Fantasy Explorers is a nameless and genderless blank slate for the players to build over. Each aspect of the character can be customized at the start of the game, and even during it. The game points out that the presence of the Grand Crystal so nearby can cause unexpected changes to happen in humans as well as its environs, thus explaining away not only the randomly generated maps but also the changing appearance of the player character.


As per the player character's nature as a blank slate, not much background is given to them. It is known that they were born somewhere in the world (naturally not in Amostra, which was created only very recently) and eventually became an Explorer. By the start of the game they were wealthy enough to own or hire a personal airship (the Donnyglen) to reach Amostra, although the airship crashed on the south-eastern shores of Amostra upon a freak encounter with Bahamut.

From there on, the player character met with Surama, the eidolon Amaterasu in human disguise, and made it to the safety of Libertas where they promptly joined the local branch of the Explorers' Union and started exploring the island in search of a way to the Grand Crystal in the center of the island.


As mentioned above, the player is responsible for choosing the character's appearance. Note that after the initial pickings, subsequent times can be initiated by examining the crystal in the center of Libertas. Each time you change something it costs 10,000 gil.
The choices are as below.


1-8 characters
(name is freely written in by the player)


(selection of A through J for each gender)

Skin Tone
(a slider)

(selection of type 1 though 5 for each gender)

Eye Color
(R, G and B sliders)

(selection of type 1 through 10 for each gender)

Hair Color
(R, G and B sliders)


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