Philippe is a midlander Hyur who could be found north of the Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza during Firefall Faire 2011.


Philippe is not involved in any quests.


Philippe: Greetings, Cascadier. welcome to the Festive Motar - the Bombard disposal facility we've labeled a fireworks launching platform, in keeping with the illusion of Firefall Faire. To ensure that folk are suitably entertained by the fireworks display, we're issuing rewards to those Cascadiers who demonstrate exceptional launching skills.

(if you have fireworks)
Philippe: Have a mind to loose fireworks? Using the Festive Mortar there, one could paint the sky with such a dazzling display that every soul for malms around would be loath to blink lest they miss so much as a single sparkle.

Category: People

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