Papalymo Totolymo

Papalymo Totolymo (パパリモ [papalymo] in Japanese) is a Lalafell of the Plainsfolk tribe who is part of the Circle of Knowing in Final Fantasy XIV. When came time for the Circle to find out about Eorzea's internal matters, Papalymo was sent to Gridania along with Yda Hext.

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Seventh Umbral Era


Papalymo re-appeared in Gridania along with the rising signs of the coming Seventh Umbral Era. As before, he came as a herald of the Circle of Knowing to scout ahead the situation, as well as to try influence the people in power of the area to unify their forces against the coming threat. He may or may not have arrived in Gridania with Yda Hext again, all that is known is that around a year later Yda could be found in Gridania as well.

Initially when Papalymo made contact with Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, he was surprised that she and the other Seedseers were already aware of the need for unity in the coming times. This made Papalymo's job rather easy. It is unknown whether it was he who suggested to the Elder Seedseer of re-eastablishing the Gridanian Grand Company The Order of the Twin Adder or if this was entirely a Gridanian idea. However the case, he is presumed to have kept in contact with the Elder Seedseer and aided in this cause, just like his counterparts in the other city-states, and periodically made contact with Urianger Augurelt, another member of the Circle.
When the time came to find recruits for the Order, Papalymo is known to have pointed an adventurer or a few to the Order's direction, as well as to have been present at the establishment ceremony including the Elder Seedseer's speech for the citizens of Gridania.

Papalymo is also presumed to have been the one to find a Golem (or few, it is unknown how many he found) in areas close to the city of Gridania, and sent adventurers out to take care of it.

Beyond this, Papalymo's involvement in the preparations for the Seventh Umbral Era aren't known.


Being a Plainsfolk Lalafell, Papalymo's coloring is very light. His skin is light pink - although the tips of his ears are darker in color - and he has light blond hair. His eyes are light green in color, and he wears a monocle over the right one.
Papalymo is generally seen wearing a long dark brown robe with off-white (or light grey) parts around the chest and shoulders. He also has black boots of some kind and gauntlets of presumably brass. He wields a two-handed staff of some dark wood that has a yellow gem embedded to the upper parts.


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