Paddra Nsu Yeul

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Paddra Nsu Yeul is the Seeress of the people of Paddra in Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. She has the ability called Eyes of Etro that allow her to see into the future and into the past. She is also blessed (or cursed) with rebirth, in that she is born into every age with her soul intact, looking the same as she did before - her personality will be different though. She is charged with guiding the people of Paddra to the future, and is guarded by her Guardians.

Yeul's seiyuu is Mariya Ise in the Japanese version, and she's voiced by Amber Hood in the English version.



Ancient Past

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Present and the Future

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Yeul has one FF-TCG card to her name, of the Ice element.

5-049R Yeul

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