P'sonjha is a merchant at the Ruby Road Exchange of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She deals in culinary wares, and calls her shop the Cravery.


P'sonjha is not involved in any quests.


P'sonjha: Welcome to the Cravery! Ain't no fresher grub in town, I swear it on me ma.


Weathered Skillet - 624 gil
Bronze Culinary Knife - 13,728 gil
Chicken Egg - 32 gil
Mineral Water - 60 gil
Sour Red - 678 gil
Table Salt - 11 gil
Aldgoat Milk - 108 gil
Buffalo Milk - 252 gil
Black Pepper - 479 gil
Cinnamon - 25 gil
Chanterelle - 120 gil
Shriekshroom - 158 gil
Kukuru Bean - 202 gil

Category: People

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