P'ndolobo sells disciple of land tools and dark matter at the West Hawkers' Alley of Limsa Lominsa.


P'ndolobo is not involved in any quests.


P'ndolobo: I have been sent to Limsa Lominsa by the Tradecraft Society to market the goods of our many member associations, including the Miners', Botanists', and Shepherds' Guilds.


Weathered Pickaxe - 600 gil
Bronze Sledgehammer - 14,080 gil
Weathered Hatchet - 636 gil
Bronze Scythe - 14,784 gil
Bloodworm - 4 gil
Grade 1 Dark Matter - 50 gil
Grade 2 Dark Matter - 300 gil
Grade 3 Dark Matter - 700 gil
Grade 4 Dark Matter - 1,500 gil
Grade 5 Dark Matter - 3,500 gil

Category: People

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