Otopa Pottopa

Otopa Pottopa is a Lalafell in employ of The Hourglass1, the foremost inn in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. It is attached to the Adventurers' Guild The Quicksand.


Sidequests - Ul'dah
Ring of Deceit


Otopa Pottopa: Hello there, handsome/gorgeous, and welcome to the Hourglass. If it's respite from the heat and hot sands you seek, you need look no further.

(after A Ring of Deceit)
Otopa Pottopa: Welcome back, handsome/gorgeous. What can I do you for?
(What can he do you for? Retire to a private room.)
Otopa Pottopa: Enjoy your stay, gorgeous.
(Ask about resting)
Otopa Pottopa: Accommodations at the Hourglass are the finest in all of Ul'dah. We hope you will come to stay with us whenever your adventures leave you in need of a good rest.
(Ask about inn rules)
Otopa Pottopa: I'm afraid we must insist that you refrain from crafting in your room. It is an inn, and there are people trying to sleep.

(Ul'dah congestion time April-? 2012)
Otopa Pottopa: Lovely to have you back, handsome. Before you head on off, I must inform you that the front entrance to the inn rooms in inaccessible at the moment - building inspection and all that.
We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but in the meantime you'll have to make use of the back entrance, over in the Gold Court. The doorman, Kopuru Fupuru, will be pleased to assist you.

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