Orrick is a merchant of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He deals mostly in luxury goods aimed at the wealthy, and is very serious about this. He's willing to spend on discovering new ways to earn.


Orrick is not involved in any quests


Orrick: Hail there, friend. I see you've taken an interest in my wares, and that speaks volumes of your discerning taste. These articles are luxury goods I have procured for the delight of the affluent.
I am the owner of a successful trading venture, you see. In my line of work, knowledge and experience translates into profit. As such, I make it my business to know and experience. Being an adventurer, I am sure this is something to which you can relate.
Ah, now here's a thought. I would like to make you a business proposition, one that should prove gainful for both parties. Adventuring is a pursuit which has great potential from a monetary standpoint, this is well known. I would be interested in hearing the various ways in which you have accumulated wealth.
New opportunities to make coin lie hid in the unlikeliest of places, and unearthing them requires that we ever keep our eyes sharp and minds open. Should you have any real-life experiences of value in this regard, I would thank you handsomely for sharing it with me.
(unlock Currency achievements)

(talk after unlocking)
Orrick: Hm? What goods are in vogue among upper society at present? Without a doubt, that would be ceruleum driven magitek devices. If I might speak plain, such devices as seen in Eorzea are merely glorified playthings beside Garlean technology…but let the rich have their playthings, I say!
While we're on the subject, my sources give me to understand that a plan is in motion to lay a magitek railroad across the wilderness. Should this knowledge bring you into wealth in the future, remember to whom it is you owe your good fortune.

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