Ophellia is a Hyur of unknown origin. She could be found in Ul'dah during Valentione's Day 2012.


Ophellia is not involved in any quests.


Ophellia: Valentione's Day brings love to all! Hurry and pair up with a <race> of the <Grand Company>, then come and speak to me again.

Ophellia: Valentione's Day is upon us yet again, friend! Yes, it's that special time of year when men and women profess the love smoldering in their hearts!
(Profess a bond of pure love)
Ophellia: What a lovely pair you two make! As promised, here is a gift to commemorate your bond of pure love. May it be with you always.
There are plenty more chocolates where that came form. Should you care to profess your feelings again, you need only come see me. Ah, but no more than once a day! Even the most fleeting of loves must be savored for at least that long.
(obtain paramour's pendant)
(Profess a bond of dear love)
Ophellia: <gasp> Ohhh, just look at that! I see that one of you is as <race> of the <Grand Company>! Menphina is truly smiling upon you this day!
The Adventurers' Guild has heard your declaration, and proudly bears witness to the bond of dear love between you!
(Ask which race is currently being sought)
Ophellia: Today, we would like to hear from <race> of the <Grand Company> and their partners.
Come see me once you are in a pair with one and the Adventures' Guild of Ul'dah will recognize your bond of dear love!

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