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Onion Knight (オニオンナイト [onion knight] in Japanese) is a personification of the four Warriors of Light (and the job Onion Knight) in Final Fantasy III, used in several games where a representative for FF3 was needed. Some speculation exists that he would be either Ingus or Luneth, but neither his personality nor his looks correspond with either of them.
Onion Knight, while strong, has security issues about protecting people and has an extreme dislike for being treated as a kid, even though he's a pre-teen.

His seiyuu in the Japanese version of the games he's in is Jun Fukuyama, and is Aaron Spann for the English versions.

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Onion Knight's default appearance is based on the various depictions of Final Fantasy III's hero: He is based on the Onion Knight job, with an outfit modeled after the warrior that appears on Yoshitaka Amano's artwork and a helmet based on the class's depiction in the 3D remake.
Onion Knight has two costumes for his EX Mode depending on which one is activated: One based on the Ninja job and one based on the Sage job. Both of these are based on the Famicom sprites, albeit with more details.

Onion Knight's alternate costumes change his appearance as follows:

Luneth (ルーネススタイル [Luneth-Style]): This costume gives Onion Knight a hairstyle and eye-color based on Luneth. It also changes the color of his Onion Knight and Sage armor to blue and his Ninja garbs to black. It is possible that this outfit is inspired by artwork of Final Fantasy III, which showed a silver-haired warrior in blue armor.

Slasher (剣を振るう者 [Those Who Wield Swords]: This costume is based on the unnamed warrior from much of Final Fantasy III's artwork, particularly one that depicted the warrior in black armor instead of the usual blue. The Sage and Ninja jobs are also colored green.
This costume reappears in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, where it is known as Bladewielder (剣を振るう者 [Sword Wielder]). The default color is now blue, although the original black is available as an alternate color option.

Ingus (デフォルメスタイル [Deformtation-Style]): This costume is based on the job outfits as they are shown in the 3D remake. In particular, they are modeled after Ingus' variations of the outfits, to the point that his gambersan remains visible in the Sage outfit. Despite this, Ingus is not mentioned in the Japanese version.


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The Onion Knight has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the elements of Wind, Lightning and Light.

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