O-App-Pesi is a Padjal from Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. He appears to be the one of the Padjals who most frequently interacts with the citizens of Gridania, and is present in both the past and present-time Gridania in the main story. His age is unknown, and while his appearance is that of a young boy he appears the same age both in the present and 10 years ago. He appears to reside in the Stillglade Fane, and carries a radical of the kind high-level conjurers use.



It is unknown where and when O-App was born, and how he came to be in so close and frequent contact with the citizens of Gridania.

O-App-Pesi's earliest appearances come during the The Echo portions of the Gridania main quest.

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O-App-Pesi has the characteristic white horns of his race, although his are tipped black. He appears to be a young boy of 13 or so, with very short dark brown hair and blue eyes.
He wears a tunic and breeches of purple, the tunic has some kind of a symbol on it in black on white background. Underneath the over-clothes he wears a white shirt and white shorts of some kind. He also wears short black leather boots and white socks, as well as fingerless black leather gloves.

O-App also has a radical-type staff. The fan-like formation at its top is various shades of purple, darker at the edges and lighter at the middle. The staff of it is of some very dark wood.


"Belief will not serve you in the forest. You must know that the elementals exist, as you know you yourself do."
-from the official site

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