Nonco Menanco

Nonco Menanco is a Lalafell who could be found in the Carline Canopy of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He would guide fledgling goldsmiths to the guild in Ul'dah when came time for their class quests.


Nonco Menanco is not involved in any quests.


Nonco Menanco: Grdiania's guilds share comradery unlike any I have seen elsewhere. The manner in which they aid one another is truly inspiring.
It goes beyond mere unity on the battlefield. They provide for one another in times of peace, as well - giving whatever they can, and taking only what they need. All of Eorzea could learn much from their example.
If you craft yourself, then surely you've made some like-minded acquaintances by now. But what of warriors? What of mages?
I advise you not to neglect any of these on your travels. Your journey will be the better for it.

(talk on GSM20+)
Nonco Menanco: It is an honor to meet such an accomplished goldsmith. Tell me, has the forest yielded any inspiration?
If so, I suggest you join the Goldsmiths' Guild, lest your ideas be stolen the instant you make them known. The moneyed organizations can be quite ruthless like that.
Eshtaime's Lapidaries is where the guild resides, in the city of Ul'dah to the south. No doubt you have heard the name.

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