Noah (ノア [noah] in Japanese) in Final Fantasy III is a great mage (大魔導師 [daimadoushi] in Japanese) from ages past. He was immortal, but chose death of his own volition.


It is unknown during what time he lived in the world, although it was certainly in the far, far past. The extent of his powers is also unknown, but appear to have been rather limitless. It was he who sequestered away Bahamut and Leviathan on the Floating Continent, and appears to have been able to summon the two before he did that. Even at the present day, there are tales in the world of his strength and achievements.

When he lived he had three disciples - Doga, Unei and Xande. To those three he left mighty gifts, those of magic, world of dreams and human life. Unfortunately, the last of these gifts, that of giving human life to Xande, brought around the crisis dealt with in Final Fantasy III.

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