Niellefresne (ニエルフレーヌ [niellefresne] in Japanese) was an accomplished goldsmith in the employ of Esthaime's Aesthetics some 10+ years ago in Final Fantasy XIV. While he didn't live for too long (maybe 20, at most 30 in human terms, it's unknown what this is in Elezen years), he became an esteemed Goldsmith in Ul'dah in the time allowed him. He died by the hands of an unknown assassin before the game's start.
He is known to have been a highly intelligent and ambitious person, who may or may not have loved F'lhaminn, the heir to the weavers' guild Sunsilk Tapestries. Not much is known about his family, but he's known to have at least one younger brother.

While he has an English-speaking voice actor, the name of this voice actor is unknown.



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Niellefresne is an Elezen man with short silver hair and short ears compared to many other Elezen. He wears glasses, whether this is due to genetic bad sight or due to his job as a goldsmith and bad lighting is unknown.
His clothing marks him as a well-to-do person in Ul'dah, which is exactly what he is. He wears a bright red vest (likely velveteen) with dark brown leather lining over a black shirt, likely velveteen as well. His pants are silvery white and his shoes black with pointy tops.


"To the plant goes teh fragrant blossom. To the bird, radiant feathers and pluems. And ot the ladyfolk, shimmering stones and gleaming gems. It is only natural."
-from the official site

In FF14

Niellefresne will join you to fight some story battles in the early Ul'dah story.

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