Nedrick Ironheart

Nedrick Ironheart is the grandson of the great explorer Gwynham Ironheart. He has at least one sister, called Millith Ironheart. In version 1.x, he could be found in Owl's Nest.


Nedrick is not involved in any quests, although it bears noting that he unlocked explore-type achievement rewards in version 1.x.


(talk for first time)
Nedrick Ironheart: Hail there, adventurer. The name's Ironheart, Nedrick Ironheart.
Far be it from me to brag, but the blood of explorers courses through my veins. Take that map of Eorzea you carry around, for instance. That, my friend, is based on a draft penned by my own grandpapa.
His legacy was handed down to my father, and now it passed to me. Casting light upon the great unknown - such is the mission of we who bear the proud Ironheart name. Sounds rather romantic, does it not?
Aye, well, it is - save where coin is concerned. The hard reality is that exploring incurs a list of expenses as long as my arm. Supplies, materials, assistants, miscellaneous entertainment - everywhere I look, there's a canyon, crevasse or chasm ready to swallow up my coin.
In order to finance my work, I'e offered my services to Highwind Skyways. My task? Maintaining the precision of maps used in airship routes.
I should probably mention at this point that topography has a considerable influence on wind currents, with obvious safety implications.
And contrary to common belief, the lay of the land is far from being a static thing. The earth shifts. Man erects structures. Every change must be noted, no matter how minute, lest incorrectly recorded landmarks send the airships astray.
Now, I'd like to make you a proposal. As an adventurer, you are doubtless well-traveled. If you have occasion to journey to remote locations in Eorzea, I'd like you to report to me what you saw of the land.
If the information benefits my work, I'll see to it that you're suitably recompensed. I needn't mention you'll also have the chance to be part of something grand!

(talk again)
Nedrick Ironheart: Coerthas is considered a birthplace of the wind. It's here, int he central regions of Abalathia's Spine, that the winds first rise before rushing for the foothills.
I believe I'll remain here for a time and continue my altitude surveys of the region.

(get achievement reward)
Nedrick Ironheart: Hail there, friend. Have your adventures taken you anywhere interesting of late?
…And that's what you saw? Hmmm. I daresay this warrants a review of the map.
You have the makings of an explorer, friend. if you ever tire of adventuring, you should consider it.
But here, this is a little something for your efforts. My thanks again!

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