Naozumi Kurokawa

Naozumi Kurokawa (ナオズミ・クロカワ [naozumi kurokawa] in Japanese) is a character from Final Fantasy Explorers Force. He comes from a family who has long served the famous Rostmayer family, and when their wayward daughter Rosetta Rostmayer left to become an officer of the International Peace Alliance, Naozumi followed her.

Naozumi's seiyuu is Nakashima Takuya.



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Naozumi is a dark-haired dark-eyed man of undeterminable age. He wears glasses, and his clothing is neat and butler-like in that he wears a white collared shirt beneath a black vest and straight black trousers. He also wears a black cape with an insignia on it just off the shoulders, the inside of which is dark blue. His shoes are regular black dress shoes, and he also wears white gloves.


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