Nanamo Ul Namo

Nanamo Ul Namo is the current Sultana of Ul'dah, crowned when she was 5 years old. Currently (in the 1st year of the Seventh Astral Era) she is 20 years old1. The names of her parents are unknown. She seems to be a headstrong person, and not that much concerned with royal dignity. She appears to be close to Raubahn Aldynn. The name of one of her advisors is Marcechamp.


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Nanamo is a Dunesfolk Lalafell of light complexion and brilliant green eyes. Her hair is long and sandy blonde, she keeps them in a neat ponytail. On her head she wears a golden diadem with pearls or jewels of some kind, light pink in color. The biggest of them decorates the very top of the diadem.
At the front of her dress Nanamo has an elaborate necklace of some kind with the same kind of pearls or jewels. This might not be a necklace but a part of her dress. The dress itself is multi-layered and largely bright pink in color, but the front is white and the under-dress is very light pink. It also has golden decorations on it in flower motifs. Its sleeves are wide and hem bell-like, ending at knee-length for her, although the under-dress is longer and almost reaches the ground.


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