Naja Salaheem

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Naja Salaheem (ナジャ・サラヒム [naja salaheem] in Japanese) is the leader of Salaheem's Sentinels in Final Fantasy XI. She is connected to the royal family of Zhwa, and her birth name is Naja Zhwan.


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Naja Salaheem starts the following quests.

Aht Urhgan Missions
Land of Sacred Serpents
Immortal Sentries
President Salaheem
Knight of Gold
A Mercenary Life
Undersea Scouting
Imperial Schemes
Royal Puppeteer
Lost Kingdom
The Dolphin Crest
The Black Coffin
Ghosts of the Past
Guests of the Empire
Passing Glory
Sweets for the Soul
Teahouse Tumult
Finders Keepers
Shield of Diplomacy
Social Graces
Foiled Ambition
Playing the Part
Seal of the Serpent
Misplaced Nobility
Bastion of Knowledge
Puppet in Peril
Prevalence of Pirates
Shades of Vengeance
In the Blood
Sentinel's Honor
Testing the Waters
Legacy of the Lost
Gaze of the Saboteur
Path of Blood
Stirrings of War
Allied Rumblings
Unraveling Reason
Light of Judgment
Path of Darkness
Fangs of the Lion
Nashmeira's Plea
Imperial Coronation
The Empress Crowned
Eternal Mercenary

Mercenary Rank Quests
Promotion: Private First Class
Promotion: Superior Private
Promotion: Sergeant
Promotion: Sergeant Major
Promotion: Second Lieutenant
Promotion: First Lieutenant


Naja has appeared once in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element.

8-038R Naja Salaheem

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