N'nmulika is a Miqo'te of the Pullers' Guild in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. She can be found behind the counter, handling all daily necessities of guildmembers.


Quest type
To Fight a Fishback (start)


(before joining the guild)
N'nmulika: Yes, yes. You find yourself in the Pullers' Guild; the Fishermen's Guild; the guild of those who cast nets and lines and then pull and pull them in to collect the delectable offerings of that spectacular, sprawling sea stretching all the way to the shimmering sky.
But, but…there are many creepy-crawlies with a taste for those selfsame tasty tasties who pose a threat to those whose only wish is to fish the wide-open waters in peace. And that is why we must stand united! What say you, fledgling fisherwoman/fisherman? Join us in our crusade to protectt he seas…and grab some grub in the process!

Category: People

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