Mytesyn is either a hireling or an owner of Mizzenmast Inn, the inn located within the Adventurers' Guild Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa, in Final Fantasy XIV. Some of his lines seem to indicate he's in hire of the Drowning Wench.
Mytesyn doesn't seem too bright of a character, but instead a down-to-earth one who goes with his feelings.


Sidequest - Limsa Lominsa
The Ink Thief


Mytesyn: Welcome to the Mizzenmast Inn!

(after The Ink Thief)
Mytesyn: Why, if it isn't the kind lad who fetched me this ink! One of these days I'll makea it a point to remember yer name. Gah hah hah!
(What would yo like to do? Retire to your room)
Mytesyn: Have a nice rest!
(Ask about resting)
Mytesyn: (text missing)
(Ask about inn rules)
Mytesyn: (text missing)
(Set secondary home point)
Mytesyn: Let me tell ye, though, I'd be right tickled were ye t' pick the Mizzenmast Inn as yer return destination.

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