Mutsuki Chiharano

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Mutsuki Chiharano (ムツキ・チハラノ [mutsuki chiharano] in Japanese) is a member of class 12 of Peristerium Suzaku in Final Fantasy Type-0. She's a genius inventor and a little anti-social in that she thinks most people are out to bully her. Her counteract to this is to carry a plentiful supply of bombs with her - self-made of course - to keep the bullies at bay. Due to her behavior, she doesn't have many friends at all.
Mutsuki's parents were researchers at the Peristerium before being killed by Milites soldiers. She's 15 years old during the game and is 146 cm tall.

Mutsuki's seiyuu is Marika Matsumoto.



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Mutsuki has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Fire.

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5-022C Mutsuki 10-019U Mutsuki

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