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Mumor is a character from Final Fantasy XI. She has appeared during the Sunbreeze Festival since 2008. As for her in-game identity, it isn't known exactly if Mumor is a real person or a staged show entirely. This page treats her claimed story as being real.
Mumor is the daughter of Professor Sarmoega of the Research Insitute for Paranormal Phenomenon (her mother is unknown and she doesn't have any sisters), and while she isn't native to the continents of Quon and Mindartia, it's unknown where exactly she comes from. In her public life she is a stage performer (a very famous one at that), but in reality she is a super-heroine destined to fight against Ullegore. The details of her tour in the central continents can be found here.

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Early Years

The details of Mumor's early life are unknown, although it's bound to have been interesting with her father being the top researcher at the RIPP. She is known to have been (and still be, outside of her super-heroine role) a somewhat clumsy girl, other than when in front of her crowds of loving fans. The start of her career as the lead role of a stage show is unknown, although it might have coincided with her debut as a heroine with her father's help. He constructed her 'Miracle Wand', a wand that appears to be deceptively similar to the Valentione's Day wands. The difference is that this wand lets her transform the feelings and cheers of her adoring fans to super-powers strong enough to take on Ullegore. This ability of hers is known as Dancing Force.

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor

Mumor first headed out to Quon and Mindartia at an unknown year when it became clear Ullegore was hounding the lands there. It is unknown how she did it, but she landed a contract with the MHMU (Mog House Management Union) and started touring the two continents in search of Ullegore.
Upon reaching the lands of central Vana'diel, things were looking grim. These locations weren't aware of her fame so her adoring fans were missing, leaving her unable to take on Ullegore. However, due to her diligent efforts she managed to garner enough fans to finally take him on and vanquish him.

At first, her victory seemed final. But the next year while on tour again (this time sponsored by MMM as well as Salaheem's Sentinels in addition to MHMU), something happened. Another stage performer by the name of Uka Totlihn was touring the exact same places as Mumor, drawing away her crowds. What more, after having a dance-off with Uka she found out that Uka was a special agent of Ullegore's (called the Four Archfiends), raised specifically to be able to counter Mumor's Dancing Force.
In a battle of wills Mumor finally won over Uka, and with her gentle nature won her over to Mumor's side. The two decided to create a two-person show Mighty Maidens, dedicated to bring smiles and laughter to people all over Vana'diel. However, right after the decisive battle Ullegore was seen, swearing that it wasn't over.

Next summer came time for the first tour of the Mighty Maidens Mumor and Uka (sponsored by the same establishments as the previous year). While Uka had been trying to convince Mumor that Ullegore was dangerous, she hadn't quite succeeded. This year however, the Mighty Maidens have a rival called the Cream Puffs, led by Cecilia, another one of Ullegore's Four Archfiends. The two ended up in a dance-off against Cecilia, and Mumor finally defeated her.

Mumor's three battles appeared in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.



Mumor is a Hume girl with short brown hair and blue eyes. She has a headdress with a bright red rose, held on her head with a black ribbon, and holds a white-and-gold wand with a big red heart at its tip.

Her shirt changes for the two parts of the story. Originally it was a blue swimsuit top with white lace and leather bindings and a necklace-like contraption on her chest of some gray metal and the same leather as is on the shirt. For her second performance she dons the Dancer relic armor, with its tiered poofy sleeves of white and black and its equally poofy short skirt of black with white and blue lace.

On her feet each year she wears knee-length sandals of brown leather with details of some blue fabric at the top as well as a garter of brown decorated leather. Her bracelets and fingerless gloves change between the two performances, with the original having both of brown decorated leather and the latter having gloves of black fabric and golden bracelets.


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