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Müllenkamp is an ancient priestess in the Ivalice games. It is unknown if the various Ivalices presented in the games are the same world, but many of them mention her, and always as an influential religious figure who had a lot of followers, although wasn't much liked by the higher-ups.
She was given appearance only once, in Vagrant Story, where she was depicted as a beautiful brunette with bright green eyes and the Rood tattooed on her back. Her dress was later emulated by Penelo when she took up dancing more seriously.

Final Fantasy XII


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Vagrant Story

In Vagrant Story's times the priestess Müllenkamp is a historical figure who was the origin of the Cult of Mullenkamp and doubles basically as the cult's goddess. She appears as a dancer in the game's intro video and is otherwise briefly referred to in the various conversations along the game's story.

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