Momoroon is a black marketeer from Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. He sells smuggled Grand Company items, more specifically those of The Maelstrom. He accepts both gil and GC seals as payment.


Momoroon is not involved in any quests


Momoroon: Momoroon has good goods! Good goods for good guys. No goods for Grandy goons. Grandy goons try and get Momoroon. Try and get Momoroon's gil!


Dusken Draught (10,000 gil / 100 seals)
Company-issue Engineering Manual (40,000 gil / 400 seals)
Company-issue Survival Manual (40,000 gil / 400 seals)
Company-issue Engineering Manual II (100,000 gil / 1,000 seals)
Company-issue Survival Manual II (100,000 gil / 1,000 seals)
Patriot's Choker (150,000 gil / 1,500 seals)
Patriot's Bracelet (200,000 gil / 2,000 seals)
Lominsan Aetherpass (400,000 gil / 4,000 seals)

Category: People

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