Momoga is a Lalafell who helped out with Valentione's Day 2012 festivities in Gridania.


Momoga is not involved in any quests.


Momoga: Come now, don't be shy! The key to the heart of that special someone is only a few words away!

Momoga: That's right, Valentione's Day is here! Now is the time to put your feelings into words and profess your love!
(What would you like to do? Search for a partner to share a bond of pure love)
(Search for a partner to share the Glory of Love)
(Abandon your search for a partner)
(Nothing. Love is for the weak)

(when in a party)
Momoga: It looks as though you are paired with another. Come see me again once you've managed to pry yourself away from your partner for a few moments.

Category: People

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