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Momodi Modi (モモディ・モディ [momodi modi] in Japanese) is the proprietor of the Quicksand, the local Adventurers' Guild in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She is a Dunesfolk Lalafell of reddish brown hair and reddish orange eyes. Her age is unknown. By her nature she is a keen saleswoman and is quick to see the profit in everything, but is also weak to flattery when it is delivered well.
She appears quite influential in the city of Ul'dah where it is hard to get by without gil and connections. This is most likely because of her position as the leader of the Adventurers' Guild, which enables her to make the acquaintance of most establishments of note in the city.



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"I can guide you anywhere in town. Can show you a guild or get you a guildleve. I can feed you, bed you, tell you the town gossip. Just don't expect me to wipe your arse."
-from the official site


Momodi has appeared in the FF-TCG under the Earth element.

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