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Mog (モーグリ [moogle] in Japanese) is a moogle helper from Final Fantasy XIII-2. In a world where only toy moogles are known, he is a bit of an oddity, although he does appear to be a living creature. His family is unknown, although they're known to exist somewhere in space and time. During the story, he accompanies Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss on their journey through time. He considers Lightning to be his master.

Mog's seiyuu is Sumire Morohoshi in the Japanese version, and is voiced by Ariel Winter in the English version.



Mog was born in an unknown location and unknown time. At some point he somehow got separated from the rest of the moogles, and found himself drifting in the Void Beyond. There he cried and searched for companions, having forgotten the way home. This period of time in his life is detailed in the Cuddly Chronicles.

Eventually, Mog ended up in Valhalla, where the weak serve the strong. Mog fought several very strong opponents, only to discover he was considered too weak to be considered for service. Eventually, he found himself facing Lightning, who played rock-paper-scissors with him instead of a battle. Mog, naturally, lost even these battles, and that is how he came to serve Lightning.

When Noel Kreiss arrived in Valhalla, Lightning told Mog to accompany him to find Serah Farron, Ligthning's little sister, so the three of them could help her set the time right and defeat Caius Ballad. Mog traveled with the two humans, and provided help by transforming into a bow (or a sword, depending on the need) for Serah, and detecting nearby enemies and treasures. He even grudgingly agreed to pick up treasures the humans couldn't get to, either because the treasure was phased out of time (Moogle Hunt) or otherwise out of reach (Moogle Throw).

During the story, Mog, Serah and Noel visited Oerba several times. Each time, Mog felt something nostalgic in the numerous anomalies of the place. Eventually, they discovered that one anomaly led to the place where moogles live. Instead of returning right away, Mog decided to continue his journey with the humans, although was glad he had found a way home nevertheless.


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Mog has appeared once in the FF-TCG card series, with the promotional card PR-026.

PR-026 Mog (FF13-2)

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