Miounne, or Mother Miounne as most people know her, is the proprietor of Carline Canopy, the Adventurers' Guild in Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. She is an a Duskwight Elezen of yellow-green eyes and short dark-gray hair, and wears dark makeup. There is a mole under her right eye, whether real or fake. She appears quite concerned over the customers her establishment has, and tends to admonish them when they don't live up to her expectations.
As the leader of the Adventurers' Guild she is well-connected within the city, and hears of most events of note well before most others.



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In version 1.x
Miounne: Well don't just stand there looking sorry for yourself. I'll not have it said the Carline Canopy failed to welcome an adventurer.
Close your eyes and open your ears. Do you hear it? Just like being up in the real canopy. The chirping birds, the whispering breeze… What better way to put the mind at ease.
Of course, I'm only too aware how restless you people are wont to get, so I've fitted the place with all of the adventuring amenities you could wish for, as well.


Mother Miounne has appeared in the FF-TCG under the Wind element.

12-052R Miounne

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