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Minwu (ミンウ [ming-wu] in Japanese) is a White Mage from Mysidia. Minwu is a wise and rather mysterious person with good knowledge of legends. His age and other details are unknown.

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Early Years

Not very much is known about Minwu's past. He was born in Mysidia and presumably received his education there, too.
At some point, he went to Fynn and allied himself with the royal family there.

Final Fantasy II


In the beginning of the game Minwu has become invaluable to Fynn in the fight against Palamecia. His knowledge and skills are much needed. Right at the start he ends up saving Firion, Maria and Guy from Palamecian soldiers, and brings them to Altair where the resistance has made base. When the three are accepted into the resistance, he is sent along with them to Salamand on their first mission.

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Minwu has appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

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1-141R Minwu 7-118C Minwu 10-115C Minwu

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