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Minfilia (ミンフィリア [minfilia] in Japanese) is the leader of the Path of the Twelve and later the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. As a child she was called Ascilia, but she had to change her name when she lost her father Warburton - her only remaining relative. From there on she was adopted by F'lhaminn Qesh. She originally hails from Ala Mhigo, and despite her appearance she's a Highlander Hyur.

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Early Years


Not much is known about Ascilia's earliest years. It isn't known whether she lived in the actual city of Ala Mhigo, or whether her parents were from there and raised her elsewhere due to the Garlean invasion.

Ten years in the past from version 1.x's story, her father took her to Ul'dah with him on a business trip. Warburton took Ascilia to watch the fireworks before the parade. She was very excited, and even more so when right before the parade a beautiful miqo'te called F'lhaminn Qesh gave her a basket of white and red flowers, telling her to give one to every festival-goer she could. It's unknown what she did right after this but presumably she wandered off to give people flowers. In the meantime, a chained Goobbue at the parade broke free and went on a rampage. To Ascilia's horror, she quickly found herself almost trampled underfoot as the goobbue approached her. However, her father intervened and saved her life.

After this Warburton was hospitalized at Frondale's Phrontisteries for several days. Ascilia could do nothing but cry at first, as she had no people she knew in the city and her father was her only family. At some point she started talking with the bard Thancred Waters, and from him found out the current location of Corguevais. It's unknown how she came by the information, but she had found out that the Thaumaturge who had been responsible for keeping the goobbue chained was him.
Ascilia went off in search of Corguevais to camp Black Brush. The camp was too far for her, especially unprepared, and she fainted upon arrival. It was Corguevais who healed her back to consciousness with his thaumaturgy, but this gave Ascilia no solace and she immediately started blaming him for her father's situation. At that point Thancred appeared, and told what had happened to the confused Corguevais. Thancred took her back to Frondale's and her father.

Some time later Corguevais came to visit Ascilia and her still comatose father. She appears to have made a trust of some sort with him, for the next time we see them she bears no overt animosity towards him. That is also when her father Warburton died.
It's unclear exactly what happened next, but somehow the beautiful miqo'te from earlier, F'lhaminn, took it upon herself to take care of the burial costs of her father. F'lhaminn also took Ascilia under her wing, and for some time she flourished under the wealthy miqo'te's care. However, the peace was not to last. After an unknown time had passed, Ascilia head out to Thanalan with Corguevais for an unknown reason. He revealed to her that the some of the most influential people in Ul'dah, among them F'lhaminn, had arranged the incident at the festival. F'lhaminn, after she caught up with the two with her companions, tried to tell Ascilia that they did not want a real disaster but only a diversion of sorts, but Ascilia wouldn't listen. As Corguevais escaped to an unknown location, Ascilia tried to go with him. However, Corguevais in apparent contempt left her with F'lhaminn's group.


Some time after this incident Ascilia headed out to the crypts of Arrzaneth Ossuary with Niellefresne, who had the intention of reviving her father with necromancy. Ascilia didn't seem very happy at this time, although the exact reason for this is unknown. Whatever her thoughts about resurrecting her father were, they quickly dispersed as an unknown robed person slashed Niellefresne with a sword, killing him.

What happened to her as a result of those events is unknown. All that is known is that she was raised by F'lhaminn Qesh in the end. She is also known to have been in correspondence with Louisoix Leveilleur before his travelling to Eorzea, and is known to have made friends with Krile early on.

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Ascilia when her identity was confirmed was still a young girl, maybe in her early teens. She has icy blue eyes and short very light blonde hair. She was wearing a foreign-looking dress of yellow and brown as well as a big brown hat with a yellow bow in it.

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Minfilia has appeared in the FF-TCG under the Earth element.

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