Minerva (FF14)

Minerva is a crafter of unknown profession in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She can be found in The Quicksand.


Minerva is not involved in any quest


Minerva: There's a saying in Ul'dah - it's not what you got, it's who you know. My grandmother said that to me just before she died.
The Order teaches us that we cross over to another realm after death, but I don't think that makes the people we meet in this one any less important. Words to live by for an adventurer, no?
I can see you walk the path of war. And what of the bonds you have forged on that path? Crafters? Harvesters? They can serve you as surely as you can serve them.
But be wary of those who plead and claim their purses empty, for I assure you they do not always speak true.

(on unknown class)
Minerva: Tell me, do you feel intimidated at times in the presence of your brethren? Around those who walk the paths of war and magic?
Many and more of them are lackwits, thinking of naught but battle. Be crafty, be clever, be cunning - and take them for all they've got!

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