Mewt Randell

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A boy from the town of St Ivalice, who lives with his father Cid Randell. His mother Remedi Randell died, and since then his father has taken a turn for the worse. He gets bullied in school for being weak, and likes video games - especially one called 'Final Fantasy'.


When Marche Radiuju transfers to his class, he befriends him during the snowball fight. That same day, he buys a mysterious ancient book from a used book store, that no one can read. He, Marche, Marche's brother Doned Radiuju and Ritz Malheur leaf through the book, and talk about magical worlds being real.
That night, while he sleeps, the book - the Grand Grimoire - opens and turns the world into the dream Ivalice, where Mewt's mother is alive and a queen, and his father is a respected Judgemaster.

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Mewt has appeared once in the FF-TCG, bearing the Ice element.

6-027R Mewt

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